we are seeking a FT seasonal farm market manager July 1st thru nov 31st

Job Summary

Overseeing daily operations of the Farm Market, Pick Your Own (PYO) and conducting tasting sessions.  Assisting with planning and implementing on-site events. Most weekends are required.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

·  Train and supervise the staff working under the Manager’s supervision. 

·  Create a work schedule for staff under the Manager’s supervision. This would include Farm Market, PYO, event, and staffing of on-site events.

·  Oversee the creation and implementation of standard operating procedures for the market, PYO, and event planning.

 ·  Ensure company standards for food safety, proper food handling practices, sanitation and productivity are maintained.

·  Ensure that all federal, state, and company regulations and standards for product freshness, food safety, weights and measures, store safety, employee safety, refrigeration, and sanitation are met.

·  Ensure the Farm Market is kept organized and clean.

·  Manage Farm Market inventory.  Keep all items stocked  with the displays full and interesting and oriented to sales.

·  Communicate with local food/product vendors to purchase items for resale and use in the market.

·  Manage money handling- cash in, cash out procedures, all record keeping using Quickbooks Point of Sale.

·  Maintain signage for POS and PYO.  They will need to be clear, accurate, educational, and timely.

·   Ensure product sampling is available and inviting.

·  Create opportunities for customers to purchase products with promotional specials.

·  Create recipe cards using products customers can purchase in the market.

·  Handle all market communication via telephone and emails.

·  Assist with planning and implementing on-site events, such as: Ciderfest, Harvest Festival, music concerts, and tour de farm events and off-season events which will bring customers to the orchard.

·  Coordinate orchard tours.

·  Maintain the beauty of the landscaping around the market.

·  As needed, help with making and packaging cider donuts.

• Maintain and submit weekly reports to the Owners.

·  Attend weekly meetings with the Owners Andrea Scott, and staff under Manager’s supervision.

Education and Experience requirements

The position requires an individual have 2-3 years' experience in retail sales, event planning, community building and marketing activities.

Abilities required

The individual must demonstrate the following skills:  Excellent leadership ability; excellent verbal, written and listening communication skills; excellent time management and stress management abilities.

The individual should have personal confidence and the ability to effectively communicate with a variety of people.

The individual shall possess the character qualities of being honest, trustworthy, respectful, and have sound work ethics.



Packed Apples

If you want to be a part of a great team, have a strong work ethic and appreciate local food & agriculture, we would love to hear from you!

Please complete a Champlain Orchards Job Application or, send your resume and 3 professional references to hr@champlainorchards.com