Every day from 9-5, July to November, anyone and everyone is welcome to come picking at Champlain Orchards. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for the most current updates on availabilities and pricing. Thank you!


Updated Friday, July 21

  • ORGANIC Anne, Autumn Britten, and Nova Raspberries
  • ORGANIC Pink Champagne and Rovada Red Currants
  • Limited amounts of organic blueberries
  • All $4.00 a pint!


  • Late July: Golden Plums, Peaches, Elderberries
  • Early August: Green Plums, Peaches
  • Mid August: Peaches, Asian and European Pears
  • Late August: Early Apples, Peaches, Pears
  • September: Mid Apples, Pears, European Plums
  • October: Mid Apples, Asian Pears
  • November: Late Apples

Downloadable PYO Map (Brand New 2017!)

Downloadable Predicted Apple Availability Calendar

Early/mid Season Apples


Early Season Apples

(late August, early September)

LATE Season Apples

(Late October through early November)

mid/late Season Apples

(Late September through mid October)


Open EVERY DAY, 9-5

Our Farm Market is open year round for you to pick up any of your favorite Champlain Orchards goods as well as taste any of our Hard & Ice Ciders. We also offer a number of other locally sourced Vermont products we love. If you would like updates on our monthly specials, as well as Orchard News and fruit and PYO availability, please join our email list. We encourage customers seeking specific varieties or large quantities of apples to call ahead to confirm availability (802) 897 2777. We hope to see you soon! Directions


We offer tours year-round to all ages and for all interests. Please contact us to book a tour that's tailored to your needs by emailing events@champlainorchards.com or visiting our contact page. We look forward to welcoming you!