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Noche Sagrada

There's a moment every year when the crisp air loses its autumn novelty and turns into a get-your-coat-out-of-storage chore. From shoveling the driveway to walking to work in the wind, you deserve a special treat for braving the forces of nature. Wrap your frozen fingers around this hot cocktail and let it remind you that cold weather can be wonderful too.

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Wassail with Apples, Brandy, & Spice blog post

Wassail with Apples, Brandy, & Spice

Real, traditional wassail is a treat. But more than just a warming drink, it is a celebration of ancient rituals and blessings, of wintertime revelry and yuletide debauchery. It’s a drink that is steeped in deep and rich history, and even better: it’s absolutely easy to make and impossibly delicious when done authentically.

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Mint, apple brandy, and hard cider may seem like a slightly odd combo, but you’re going to have to trust me here, friends. The flavor is fruity and refreshing with just the right amount of sparkle, and it makes for a lovely aperitif.

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