Category: Cocktails

Happiest Holidays

Bubbly hard cider, fresh pomegranate seeds and springs of rosemary come together to make a festive holiday drink. Let’s toast to the season!

Cider Jack

Whether you’re hosting a virtual get-together or enjoying a night at home with family, there’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a festive drink in hand!

The New England Express

In a nod to early New England Thanksgivings, we use two regional pours: rum and cider. Unlike most punches, this one won’t leave you under the table after two glasses.”

Cider Punch

Served up warm or on the rocks with either brandy or bourbon, this apple cider punch easily allows for personalization.

Frozen Raspberry Daiquiri

This is a homemade slush puppy really. Fabulously bright pink, heady with raspberries and with a sharpness from the lime. Oh and did I mention there is a drop of rum in there too… These are so delicious that their frozen state is almost essential to stop you gulping them down too fast.

Clover Club

The Clover Club cocktail is one of the classic cocktails that should live on in every bartender’s repertoire. It is a rare treat among the classics because it mixes gin with the sweet flavor of raspberry syrup, creating a most delightful and very delicious drink.

Champlain Cherry Spritz

With fresh, sweet cherries, a subtle smokiness from the bourbon, with a clean vanilla aftertaste. These summery cocktails are a snap to prepare!