Category: Cocktails

Plum Dang It

Rum is softened with a dose of brown sugar syrup and gets a pop of fruitiness via muddled plum and lime juice. It’s an incredibly simple cocktail but it’s a delicious concoction for summer.

The Plum Sour

In this delicious variation on the classic Gin Sour, there is a lot more depth of flavor in this cocktail, and the sweetness mixed with tart lemon is really tasty.

The Firecracker

Mix up a pitcher of cocktails and you’ll spend less time playing bartender. This sweet-tart combo of rose cider, sour cherries, and simple syrup starts the party off with a bang.

Cider Margarita

This drink is perfectly sweet and perfectly sour, stout but so easy to drink (dangerously so), with just the right amount of fizz. Make a huge batch of these at your next get-together and you’ll become everybody’s new best friend.