Category: Cocktails

Cherry Apple Pie Cocktail

This fun, bold cherry apple pie cocktail recreates a classic American dessert in liquid form, making it a perfect Fourth of July cocktail.

Sweet Cherry Bourbon Smash

Bourbon Smash cocktails are great because they taste complicated, but are embarrassingly easy to make. Best of all, you get to literally smash up some stuff with a muddler. Who doesn’t love that?

Red Currant Caipiroska

This red currant twist on a classic lime Caipiroska might be the new favorite summertime cocktail! Sour, sweet and as strong as you can take it. There’s really no better way to beat the heat!

Cherry Caipirinha

Arguably one of the most refreshing cocktails in the classic repertoire also happens to be the national drink of Brazil. This spin on a Caipirinha adds the delicious flavor of fresh cherries for the perfect sip of early summer.

Sour-Cherry Gin Slings

This sweet-tart concoction is based on the classic Singapore sling, replacing the traditional cherry brandy with an intensely vibrant homemade sour-cherry syrup.

Cider Derby (Mint Julep)

We put our own spin on the mint julep, adding a splash of hard cider to introduce some tart apple to the mix. Whip up a batch for a Kentucky Derby party, or simply for sipping while enjoying some warm-weather vibes from your front porch.

Your Sparkling Eyes

This low-proof cocktail is the perfect way to entertain your guests this spring while blending flavors such as ginger, apple, and allspice to craft a drink that appeals to everyone. It’s a festive alternative to straight Champagne, and the flavor combination of apple and ginger is undeniably delicious.

Vermont 75

An New England twist on the Classic French 75 cocktail!