Category: Savory

Confetti Couscous

Feta and golden raisins add a sweet-salty tang blending well with the raspberries and mustard vinaigrette for a colorful grain salad.

Roasted Fennel Salad with Raspberries

This beautiful combination of raspberries and slightly caramelized fennel works best as a plated salad, rather than a tossed salad in a bowl. It makes a deliciously light salad for hot summer nights or busy weekdays.

Fresh Red Currant Sauce

Fresh red currant sauce is great to pair with meats (like pork and venison), poultry (like duck and chicken, fish (like swordfish and salmon), and roasted vegetables (like potatoes and cauliflower).


This fresh raspberry vinaigrette dressing will quickly become a summer time favorite with the bright flavor of raspberries — summer’s candy.

Cherry Bomb Chicken

A sweet and spicy grilled chicken marinated in a cherry pepper brine and then covered in a cherry pepper glaze.