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Champlain Orchards

Sour Cherry & Rosemary Focaccia

If you’ve never had homemade focaccia, you’re in for something special. This sweet one, sprinkled with rosemary, isn’t overly doughy and has an amazingly crisp crust. The bread isn’t difficult to make, but it does take time.

Sour Cherry Cobbler

Once you get a spoonful of sour cherries and buttery cobbler topping, it is pure joy. The cherries are almost jam-like, cooked down in a sweet syrup, yet still pleasingly tart.

Black Bottom Cherry “Sunflower” Pie

This pie is sunny, too – full of juicy cherries and a surprising, rich ganache base. It’s great with or without the floral effect (you can bake it as a regular double crust pie, no problem)!

The Best Cherry Pie

The best way to showcase our delicious fresh cherries! It’s always crispy on the bottom, flaky on the top, and nothing but sweet-tart perfection inside.

Apple Cider Magic Cake

A rich and dense bottom and a fluffy top makes the most moist cake you’ve ever had. It’s the textured, dessert version of the ombré trend.

Jasmine Apple Cider

This recipe has to be one of the easiest to make. You are simply making jasmine tea by steeping it in apple cider rather than water. It’s a new way to enjoy the bloom, and it’s amazing to see how this simple change can allow the bloom to sing a different tune.