Category: Sweet

Elderberry Syrup

We grow the Elderberry varieties Coomer and Berry Hill (both varieities were developed in Vermont by  Lewis Hill). A good friend gave us cuttings several years ago, and we have continued to take more (in April) and share every year…

Raw elderberries are considered mildly toxic!

Apple Butter Cinnamon Swirl Bread

A beautiful bread swirled with apple butter and cinnamon-sugar. If you’re not just eating it straight from the loaf, we suggest toasting it and topping it with a bit of butter, honey butter, or *even more* apple butter.

Whole Grain Harvest Apple Butter Cake

Harvest Apple Butter Cake makes one want to shun all other cake recipes for being boring and cloyingly sweet fluff. The whole grains lend a heartiness and complexity of flavor that are exciting in their rustic, perhaps even homegrown, simplicity.

Holiday Apple Kuchen

This German Apple Kuchen is a cross between bread and coffee cake. A yeast bread on the bottom, topped with an apple pie layer, and finished with a sweet streusel coffee cake top. We love this recipe because it isn’t super sweet like most coffee cakes.

Asian Pear Cobbler

Believe us, you’re gonna want to try this recipe. Especially if you like buttery fruit desserts. Bonus: it’s super easy – you can whip it up quickly with just a few ingredients.

Red Currant Sourdough Pie

Tart red currants fill the base of this simple, rustic pie. Similar in flavor to traditional cherry, red currant pie is a bit more sour, a bit more complex.  We love currants paired with this flaky sourdough pie crust whose innate tartness complements their flavor.