Introduced: 1930’s, Japan.

A Japanese apple bred from American varieties, with a satisfying crunch and sweet-tart flavor.

Late season – Fresh


Introduced: 1999, Minnesota

This early Honeycrisp is a mid-summer dessert apple that is crisp, juicy and almost fizzes with each bite. Zestars are tangy with flavorful skin and porous, succulent flesh. A growing favorite that is best enjoyed fresh!

Early Season – Fresh

Yarlington Mill

Introduced: 1898, England

This small yellow apple is slightly bittersweet. Used best as an English cider.

Mid Season – Cider

William's Pride

Introduced: 1975, Illinois USA

These apples are awesome fresh, with a wonderful rich aromatic flavor. It is scab resistant and ripens early, making it a favorite for growers and consumers alike! Its trees also bloom heavily, so we thank William’s Pride for the beauty it brings to our springtime orchard.

Early Season – Fresh


Introduced: Late 1800s, California

This small, snappy apple developed by apple enthusiast, Albert Etter, is sweet and sharp. Its intense and balancing flavors make Wickson an ideal hard cider fruit.

Early Season – Cider

Sweet Sixteen

Introduced: 1973, Minnesota

This offspring of Northern Spy has a fine-textured, crisp flesh with an unusual, complex combination of sweet and spicy flavor. The unique taste has hints of a slight anise essence, sometimes described as cherry candy, vanilla or even bourbon.

Mid Season – Fresh


Introduced: 1960s, New Jersey

A cross between a Golden Delicious, Cox’s Orange Pippin, and McIntosh , the Suncrisp has a bright, tart flavor that mellows over time into a honeyed pear-like palate.

Mid season – Fresh


We claim the credit for first breeding this variety!

A cross of two classics, Northern Spy and McIntosh.

Spymac’s flesh is medium-grained and breakingly crisp, light yellow and quite juicy. The flavors of this well-balanced apple are fine and unusual, melon dusted with a little light citrus and a hint of vinousness in the finish and the later part of the chew.

Harvest Mid-October


Introduced: 1962, New York

A large, firm apple with predominantly sweet flesh, the Spigold is a cross between a Northern Spy and Golden Delicious. With red streaks covering a golden background, this apple’s visual appeal matches its pleasantly round flavor. An excellent alternative to Jonagold.

Late Season – Fresh, Cooked