A Hard Cider Vermont Adventure through the Best Cideries and Breweries

Are you a fan of craft beverages? Explore Vermont’s finest cideries and breweries. This guide will help you discover the best spots for hard cider Vermont. Dive in and enjoy the vibrant flavors of Vermont’s cider and beer scene.


Vermont’s Cider Tradition


Vermont has a rich history in cider making. Apples thrive in the region’s climate, and the tradition dates back centuries. Today, cideries blend old methods with modern techniques, resulting in delicious, crisp, hard cider. Let’s explore some top cideries.


Champlain Orchards


Champlain Orchards is a must-visit. Located in Shoreham, it offers a stunning view of Lake Champlain. The orchard grows over 100 apple varieties. Their cider is exceptional. They use traditional and modern methods and produce various cider styles. 


Try their Kingston Dry or Heirloom varieties. The farm is eco-friendly and emphasizes sustainability. Visit their tasting room; it’s a delightful experience.


Cold Hollow Cider Mill


Cold Hollow Cider Mill is another gem. Located in Waterbury Center, it’s known for its fresh cider. They use a rack and cloth press. This method produces a rich, flavorful cider. The mill offers hard cider, too. Their Barn Dance blend is popular. Cold Hollow is more than a cidery. It’s a family-friendly destination. Enjoy cider donuts and explore the farm store.


Stowe Cider


In the heart of Stowe, you’ll find Stowe Cider. This cidery focuses on innovation. Their cider is unique and creative. Try their High & Dry or Tips Up blends. Stowe Cider also offers limited releases. These small batches are worth seeking out. The tasting room has a relaxed vibe. It’s a great spot to unwind after exploring Stowe.


Shacksbury Cider


Vergennes is home to Shacksbury Cider, a cidery with a global influence. They partner with orchards worldwide. Shacksbury focuses on heritage apples. Their cider is complex and refined. Try the Dry or Rosé blends. Shacksbury’s tasting room offers flights, a fun way to sample different styles.


Fable Farm Fermentory


Fable Farm Fermentory is in Barnard. It’s known for its wild-fermented cider. This process creates unique flavors. Fable Farm uses local apples and foraged ingredients. Their cider is artisanal and distinct. Try the Feral or Emanation blends. The farm is picturesque. Enjoy a tour and tasting session.


Vermont’s Brewery Scene


Vermont is also famous for its breweries. The state has the highest number of breweries per capita, and each offers something special. Let’s explore some top breweries.


The Alchemist


The Alchemist is legendary in Vermont. Located in Stowe, it’s home to Heady Topper, a world-renowned double IPA known for its hop-forward flavor. The Alchemist focuses on quality and consistency. Their beer is crafted with care. The brewery offers tours and tastings. It’s a must-visit for beer lovers.


Hill Farmstead Brewery


Hill Farmstead Brewery is in Greensboro. It’s one of the best breweries globally. The brewery is family-owned. They produce a wide range of beers. Each is named after a family member or friend. Try their Arthur or Edward beers. Hill Farmstead is committed to sustainability. They use local ingredients and eco-friendly practices. The brewery offers tastings by reservation.


Lawson’s Finest Liquids


Lawson’s Finest Liquids is in Waitsfield. Known for Sip of Sunshine, their beers are excellent. This IPA is bright and refreshing. Lawson’s also offers unique seasonal brews. Try their Maple Tripple or Fayston Maple Imperial Stout. The brewery has a welcoming taproom. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy a pint.


Foam Brewers


Foam Brewers is located in Burlington, on the waterfront, offering stunning lake views. The brewery focuses on small-batch beers, and its styles are diverse and inventive. Try its Pavement or Built to Spill. The brewery also hosts live music, making it a lively spot to enjoy great beer.


Zero Gravity Craft Brewery


Zero Gravity Craft Brewery is also in Burlington. It’s known for balanced, drinkable beers. Try their Conehead IPA or Green State Lager. Zero Gravity uses high-quality ingredients. The brewery has a spacious taproom, a perfect place to sample its offerings.


Upper Pass Beer Company


Upper Pass Beer Company is in Tunbridge. It focuses on small-batch brewing and produces fresh and flavorful beers. Try its Cloud Drop IPA or Little Farmhouse Saison. Upper Pass has a cozy tasting room, a charming spot to enjoy its brews.




Vermont’s cideries and breweries offer a unique experience. Explore Champlain Orchards and sample their exceptional cider. Visit the diverse breweries for innovative beers. Share your experiences in the comments. Engage with fellow enthusiasts. Share this guide with friends. Explore the vibrant world of hard cider in Vermont. Plan your visit today!


Vermont’s cideries and breweries are waiting. Discover the flavors. Enjoy the journey. Engage with the community. Cheers!


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