Craft Cider: A Symphony of Sustainability and Flavor

Imagine a world where every sip of your drink is a toast to the environment. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s the reality of craft cider, a delightful symphony of taste and sustainability. 

Craft cider isn’t just a refreshing beverage; it’s an eco-friendly adventure in a glass. Every gulp takes you on a journey through lush orchards, where the harmony of nature and careful crafting comes alive.

In this post, we’ll dive into the enchanting and green world of craft cider, where every bottle tells a story of flavor, passion, and a commitment to our planet. Are you ready?

The Rise of Craft Cider

Craft cider is soaring in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Imagine a drink that combines the nostalgia of orchards with the thrill of modern flavors. Well, that’s craft cider for you. This isn’t just another trend; it’s a revival of a historic beverage, but with a contemporary twist. 

Today, craft cider appeals to a wide audience, winning over hearts with its rich variety and unparalleled taste. Each bottle tells a story, a story of apples handpicked from lush orchards, transformed into a drink that’s both comforting and exciting. The rise of craft cider isn’t just about the drink; it’s about rediscovering a connection to the land and the fruits it bears.

The Art of Making Craft Cider

The journey of creating craft cider is nothing short of magical. It starts with the apple, but not just any apple: the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and crisp varieties. These apples are more than just ingredients; they’re the heart and soul of every bottle. The magic unfolds as these apples are gently pressed, their juice extracted carefully. 

Fermentation then weaves its spell, slowly turning the sweet juice into a beverage that’s alive with flavor. But the art doesn’t stop there. The cider maker’s skill comes into play, blending, and refining until each sip is a harmony of taste. This meticulous process ensures that every glass of craft cider is a celebration of craftsmanship and flavor.

Sustainability in Cider Production

In the world of craft cider, sustainability is the guiding star. It’s about creating a drink that not only tastes good but also does good for the planet. 

Eco-friendly orchards where apples thrive without harming the environment are the starting point. These orchards are more than just land; they’re ecosystems where nature and farming coexist in harmony. 

Then comes the process of making the cider, where sustainability takes center stage. Energy-efficient methods, water conservation, and waste reduction are all part of the equation. By embracing these practices, craft cider becomes a beacon of hope, a drink that offers a taste of a better, greener future. You can get more details on our cider garden here.

Sustainability in Cider Production

Sustainability in cider making is not just a trend; it’s a commitment to our planet. It’s about cherishing each apple, respecting the land, and reducing our footprint. 

In this green journey, every step counts. Cider makers are adopting innovative practices, from using organic farming methods that support biodiversity to embracing renewable energy sources. It’s not just about what’s in the bottle, but how it gets there. 

By choosing sustainable methods, cider producers are not only crafting delicious beverages but also protecting our environment for future generations. This dedication ensures that every sip of craft cider is a step towards a healthier, more sustainable world.

Community and Craft Cider

Craft cider is more than a drink; it’s a community builder. It brings people together, celebrating local heritage and craftsmanship. 

Local cideries become community hubs, places where stories are shared and memories are made. They often collaborate with local farmers and artisans, creating a vibrant network that supports small businesses and promotes local economies. Events like cider tastings and orchard tours foster a sense of belonging, connecting people with the land and each other. 

In this way, craft cider isn’t just a beverage; it’s a catalyst for community growth and connection, weaving the fabric of local culture and camaraderie.

Champlain Orchards: A Craft Cider Haven

At Champlain Orchards, we live and breathe craft cider. As stewards of one of Vermont’s oldest orchards, we’re more than just cider makers; we’re custodians of the land and its history. Our orchard is a living library of over 175 fruit varieties, each ecologically grown with the utmost care. 

Our approach to cider-making is a reflection of our love for the earth and our community. We harness solar power, not just for our orchard, but as a symbol of our commitment to sustainable practices. 

Every bottle of our craft cider captures the essence of our land and our dedication to ecological stewardship. We invite you to taste not just a beverage, but a piece of our home, a sip of Vermont’s natural beauty.


Craft cider, especially the kind we cherish and produce at Champlain Orchards, is more than just a trendy drink. It’s a symbol of ecological awareness, community engagement, and artisanal excellence. As we continue to create these green, delicious beverages, we invite you to join us in this delightful journey that respects the earth and tantalizes the taste buds.

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As one of the oldest continuously operating orchards in Vermont, we take pride in growing over 175 varieties of apples, peaches, pears, plums, cherries, nectarines, and berries.

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