A Tour of the World’s Best Hard Cider Brands

Are you ready to elevate your taste buds with some of the world’s best hard cider brands? Our guide will introduce you to top picks from across the globe, perfect for any celebration. Dive into the refreshing, crisp, hard cider world and find your new favorite!


Exploring Global Hard Cider Brands


Hard cider has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, with various flavors catering to every palate. From the traditional to the innovative, this beloved beverage is crafted with care and expertise worldwide. 


Let’s explore some of the top brands making waves in the cider industry.


1. The Rise of Hard Cider


Historically, cider was a staple in many cultures before beer entered the picture. Today, its renaissance is fueled by a growing interest in gluten-free options and the appeal of artisanal and locally sourced beverages. 


Hard cider offers a versatile range of tastes, from light and refreshing to sweet and dry, making it a popular choice for any occasion.


2. North America’s Finest: From Apples to Bottles


In the United States and Canada, hard cider is experiencing a boom. Brands like Angry Orchard and Champlain Orchards lead the charge, showcasing the potential of North American apple varieties. 


Champlain Orchards, located in Vermont, prides itself on eco-conscious production and a farm-to-bottle philosophy that resonates with today’s eco-aware consumers. Their ciders are delicious and represent a commitment to sustainable agriculture and local farming.


3. Europe’s Exquisite Contributions


Across the Atlantic, Europe boasts some of the world’s most esteemed cider traditions. The United Kingdom, Spain, and France dominate with their distinctive styles. In the UK, brands like Strongbow and Bulmers offer ciders that range from the classic dry to sweet and fruity. 


Meanwhile, Spain’s Asturias region and France’s Normandy are revered for their traditional and often more robust ciders, frequently enjoyed alongside local cuisine.


4. Innovations in Cider: Australia and Beyond


Australia’s cider scene is burgeoning, with brands like Little Creatures demonstrating innovation in cider production. Utilizing local apple varieties, Australian cider makers are experimenting with techniques like barrel aging and including unusual ingredients like ginger or tropical fruits, broadening the cider spectrum even further.


5. Trends Shaping the Future of Cider


The cider industry is continually evolving. Current trends include the rise of organic and natural ciders, as consumers increasingly value transparency in their beverages. Experimentation with flavors and brewing methods is also rising as cider makers aim to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.


Why Choose Hard Cider?


Choosing hard cider over other alcoholic beverages offers several benefits. It’s typically lower in alcohol content than wine or spirits, making it a lighter option. Additionally, most ciders are naturally gluten-free, a significant advantage for those with dietary restrictions. 


The diversity in flavor profiles also ensures a cider to suit every taste and occasion.


Champlain Orchards


As we highlight notable cider brands, Champlain Orchards deserves special attention. Known for their ecological farming and local production, they offer a range of rich ciders in flavor and history. 


Their commitment to sustainability and community involvement makes their cider not just a beverage but a reflection of their values and dedication to quality.




Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the best hard cider brands from around the globe, why not embark on a flavor adventure of your own? Whether you’re hosting a party, looking for the perfect pairing for a meal, or simply enjoying a quiet night in, there’s a cider to enhance every moment. 


We encourage you to share this post, comment with your experiences, and explore more from cider makers like Champlain Orchards. Cheers to discovering your perfect sip!


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