Where to Pick Your Own Apples and Pears? Meet The Best Places In The US

There’s something joyful and grounding about visiting an orchard in the fall. The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and there’s the promise of sweet, juicy fruits waiting to be plucked from the trees. For those who love harvesting their own apples and pears, it’s a seasonal ritual that combines the pleasure of being outdoors with the satisfaction of selecting the freshest, most delicious fruits by hand. 

Next, we’ll stroll through some of the best orchards in the United States, where you can pick your own apples and pears. Let’s begin, shall we?

Champlain Orchards, Vermont

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Vermont, Champlain Orchards is not just an orchard; it’s a testament to the beauty and bounty of sustainable farming. This family-owned gem is steeped in history and committed to ecologically responsible agriculture, producing over 175 varieties of eco-certified apples, pears, and other fruits. 

What sets Champlain apart is the diversity of its produce and the ethos behind its cultivation. Each fruit is grown with care and respect for the land, ensuring visitors enjoy the freshest picks and supporting an ecosystem healthy for the planet. 

Imagine wandering through rows of apple and pear trees under the Vermont sky, knowing that each fruit you pick is a result of eco-friendly practices. It’s an experience that feeds the soul as much as it does the body.

Hope Orchards, Maine

Hope Orchards in Maine offers a picturesque setting for your fruit-picking adventure, where the variety of apples and pears is matched only by the orchard’s commitment to sustainable farming. 

Here, fall’s vibrant hues serve as the perfect backdrop for a day spent in nature’s lap. Visitors are invited to wander through the orchard, basket in hand, selecting from 14 varieties of apples and three types of pears. 

What makes Hope Orchards unique is the sense of community and connection to the land it fosters. Picking fruit here isn’t just about the harvest; it’s about being part of a tradition that celebrates the earth’s abundance and the simple joys of life.

Apple Annie’s Orchard, Arizona

In the heart of Arizona, Apple Annie’s Orchard presents a delightful contrast to the traditional New England orchard experience. With its warm, welcoming atmosphere, Apple Annie’s is a family affair where the joy of picking your own apples and pears is just the beginning. 

The orchard boasts a rich selection of fruits and a country store and bakery offering homemade treats and goods, making every visit a wholesome experience. The sprawling orchards against the backdrop of Arizona’s landscapes offer a unique pick-your-own experience where the harvest bounty meets the warmth of southern hospitality.

Honey Pot Hill Orchards, Massachusetts

Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Massachusetts is a must-visit for an authentic taste of New England’s fall. With a history spanning generations, this orchard offers more than just apple and pear picking. It’s a place where families come together to enjoy hayrides, navigate through hedge mazes, and partake in the season’s joy. 

The variety of apples available for picking ensures that everyone finds their favorite, and the addition of farm animals and playgrounds makes it an ideal spot for a family outing. Honey Pot Hill embodies the spirit of autumn, offering a blend of fun, adventure, and the sweetness of freshly picked fruits.

Hackleboro Orchards, New Hampshire

Venture into the heart of New England and discover Hackleboro Orchards in Canterbury, New Hampshire. This treasure trove of fall bounty goes beyond the simple pleasure of picking apples and pears. 

This family-run orchard offers an array of activities that make every visit memorable. Imagine yourself meandering through the orchard, the air filled with the sweet scent of ripe fruits, as you select the perfect apples and pears from their extensive variety. 

But the experience doesn’t stop at fruit picking; the orchard invites you to enjoy its scenic picnic areas, delight in weekend tractor rides, and meet the friendly farm animals. Special events like Apple Appreciation Day and the annual Halloween Treasure Hunts add a festive touch to your visit. Plus, the breathtaking view from their view deck offers a picturesque panorama of over 50 miles, making it an ideal spot for those who cherish the beauty of autumn’s landscape.

Melick’s Town Farm, New Jersey

Next on our journey is Melick’s Town Farm, New Jersey’s largest apple grower, with a farming history that spans nearly three centuries. This sprawling estate across several locations, including the captivating Califon Orchards and the quaint Cider Mill & Orchard, offers a bountiful pick-your-own experience. Dive into the rich tradition of apple picking, where the fruits of your labor are as sweet as the memories you create. 

But there’s more to Melick’s than just apples; peaches, pumpkins, and a myriad of fresh produce await. The farm’s dedication to community and tradition shines through in its educational school tours and group events, making it a hub of learning and celebration. 

After a day in the orchard, treat yourself to their farm-fresh products or a sip of their hard cider and apple wine. These products embody the essence of local produce and craftsmanship.

Lyman Orchards, Connecticut

Lyman Orchards in Connecticut celebrates the harvest, set against the stunning backdrop of the Connecticut River Valley. With a history dating back to 1741, Lyman Orchards offers a sprawling landscape of over 100 acres dedicated to apples, pears, and more. 

What makes Lyman Orchards stand out is its commitment to providing a memorable experience for visitors. From the variety of fruits available for picking to the scenic beauty of the surroundings, it’s a place that captures the essence of fall. 

The orchard also hosts various events and has a farm market where visitors can sample and purchase a wide range of local produce and products. It is a perfect destination for embracing the season’s flavors.


Embarking on a pick-your-own apples and pears adventure is more than just a way to gather fruits. It’s an opportunity to connect with nature, support local agriculture, and create lasting memories with loved ones. So, this fall, why not take the time to visit one of these enchanting orchards? It’s a simple joy that reminds us of the season’s beauty and the earth’s bounty.

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