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As one of the oldest continually operating orchards in Vermont, we take pride in growing over 175 varieties of Eco-Certified apples, peaches, pears, plums, cherries, nectarines, and berries while carefully stewarding the land.

Family Owned & Ecologically Managed

Our fruits are ecologically grown with intention and care — healthier for the soil, healthier for you! Everything we produce is an expression of our family-owned orchards. From our 175+ varieties of fruit to our handcrafted provisions and crisp ciders, we invite you to discover the taste of the Champlain Valley and this beautiful place we call home.


Over 300 acres of fruit trees, with 175 varieties and counting!

Fun Facts


The story of Champlain Orchards as we know it today began in 1998

1998 was the year 27-year-old Bill Suhr purchased 60 acres of orchard in Shoreham, Vermont. At the time, his motivation and initiative to live off the land overshadowed the fact that apple growing and fruit farming were not in his realm of knowledge.

Today, Champlain Orchards manages 300 acres of fruit trees and strives to remain a vital part of our local food system.

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