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Currently Available Wholesale Apples


Introduced: 1966, New York

This well-known, bruise resistant lunchbox apple has a balanced sweet-tart taste and crisp texture ideal for fresh eating. Its appealing deep color and melon undertones can be attributed to its parents: McIntosh and Red Delicious.

Mid Season – Fresh


Introduced: 1994, New Jersey

Enterprise apples are known for their supremely well-balanced flavor, with mild sweetness and a tart juice. Its skin stays crunchy and is similar to a Mutsu, with firm fruit beneath. The Enterprise is a great keeper and does well in pies.

Late season – Fresh, Pies

Golden Supreme

Introduced: 1890, West Virginia

Golden Supremes’ flesh is crisp, coarse-grained, and light yellow. With many of the honey-and-pear qualities of a Golden Delicious, the flavor is sweet and balanced. Its firm and juicy flesh is pleasing to the palate and great for fresh eating, baking and cider.

Mid Season – Fresh, Cooking


Introduced: 1811, Ontario

This very popular apple has a white, tender, crisp flesh that’s spicy, highly aromatic, and full of juice.  It was named after John McIntosh, a farmer in Ontario, Canada who found and introduced it in 1870. Macs are the best selling apple in New England and Canada!

Early Season – Fresh, pies


Introduced: 1948 Mutsu Province, Japan

Mutsu, also known as “Crispin,” looks like a large Golden Delicious and indeed one of its parents is Golden Delicious. Mutsu has a lovely sweet, honey flavor, cooks superbly well, and is a great keeper!

Late Season – Pies, Fresh

Northern Spy

Introduced: 1840s, New York

This heirloom apple is best known for its ability to keep through the winter, so expect to enjoy through the spring! Its large size, tart flavor, and pear undertones make for excellent pie, giving it the nickname “Northern Pie.”

Late Season – Fresh, Pies

Red Delicious

Introduced: 1880, Iowa USA

Red Delicious is said to be North America’s favorite red apple! It is favored as a fresh eating apple with a mild flavor and tender, crisp, juicy flesh and a thick skin that is packed with antioxidants. It was originally named “Hawkeye.” Red Delicious is a great keeper!

Mid Season – Fresh


Introduced: 1890, West Virginia USA

The Smoothee is a variety of Golden Delicious. It is sweet and rich in flavor. These are versatile apples that can be used for both baking and cooking purposes as well as being a great fresh eating apple.

Mid Season – Fresh, Baking


Introduced: 1926, British Columbia CA

Spartan is a small, sweet apple and a favorite with children. It is very much a “McIntosh” style apple with bright white flesh. The flesh is very crisp and juicy. It has a “brisk” flavor and is commonly used in baking, sauce, and cider.

Mid Season – Fresh, Pies, Cider

Sweet Sixteen

Introduced: 1973, Minnesota

This offspring of Northern Spy has a fine-textured, crisp flesh with an unusual, complex combination of sweet and spicy flavor. The unique taste has hints of a slight anise essence, sometimes described as cherry candy, vanilla or even bourbon.

Mid Season – Fresh

Currently Available Limited Stock Apples


Introduced: 1987, Washington USA

This sweet apple is most similar to the Red Delicious, with a mild pear-like flavor. A chance seedling from Washington, Cameo is consistently firm and juicy. It is also slow to brown, making it a favorite for snacking.

Mid Season – Fresh

Crimson Topaz

Introduced: 1990s, Czech Republic

This crisp, juicy, firm apple is a cross of Robin and Vanda and is very similar to the Honeycrisp (some even say it’s better!). With a cream colored flesh, the Crimson Topaz is often favored by those who love sharper tasting apples.

Mid-Season: Fresh


Introduced: France

An assertively sweet and crisp apple with a satisfying crunchy flesh. This Gala, Querina cross has a refreshing astringent quality that makes for an outstanding fresh eating experience. It is also disease resistant, slow to brown, and keeps flavor well through the winter months.

Late Season – Fresh

Golden Russet

Introduced: 1845, New York State

Golden Russet is known as the champagne of cider apples. It makes a sweet, balanced, thick, smooth juice that is ideal for sweet or hard cider production. The Golden Russet is very aromatic and also excellent for fresh eating and baking. A superb keeper!

Mid Season – Fresh, Cider, Pies


Introduced: 1923, New York

Macoun is an offspring of McIntosh and Jersey Black. This extra sweet, very juicy tender apple has snow white flesh and wonderful aroma. Excellent for eating and sauces.
And how to say the name? It rhymes with town, not tune!

Mid-Season – Fresh, Sauces


Introduced: Ohio, 1944

The official state apple of Ohio, the Melrose originated in the Buckeye state in the early 20th century. Its outside features ruddy skin that hides a coarse white flesh that is rich in flavor and retains its firmness. A cross between a Red Delicious and Jonathan with classic sweetness.

Mid Season – Fresh

Pink Lady

Introduced: 1970s Australia

This lovely apple is very juicy and flavorful, with sweetness balancing its floral notes. Also known as Cripps Pink.

Late Season – Fresh


Introduced: 1970, France

The Querina was developed in France, It parentage includes Golden Delicious and Jonathan among others. Querina is firm and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor. It is great for fresh eating and will keep for up to 3 months in regular storage.

Late Season – Fresh




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